Ec2Clock is a freeware that allows you to easily manage the running time of ec2 instance to prevent over cost. It defines a maximum running time by instance and automatically stop/terminate them when the maximum time allowed is reached.

One disadvantage, when using Ec2 as a render farm, is the management of hour billing instances.

For example, if you launch 10 instances to render 200 frames, when the first billing hour ends, there might be 15 frames left to render. In that case, it would be a shame to charge 10 instances for one more hour when 3 instances would be enough. Impact on the final billing: 13 x Instance’s price$, rather than 20 x Instance’s price$.

Security notice : AWS credential (Access Key and Secret Key) are not encrypted, so be careful when you don’t use Ec2Clok on a private computer.

Reminder: do not share your AWS credential!
Ec2Clock needs AWSSDK.dll to work.  AWSSDK.dll is the property of Amazon Web services. The dll given with the Ec2Clock package remains the property of Amazon Web services, and has not be modified by me. It’s the original dll distributed by the AWS SDK. You can download an original copy from:

Ec2Clock is a BETA version. Dysfunctions can happen! I cannot be held responsible if a malfunction of Ec2Clock involved a higher Amazon’s price than you thought.

Feel free to contact me for any suggestions or for reporting bugs.


Main panel:
  • Refresh button: Refresh the instance list.
  • Stop button: Force stopping instances selected in the list.
  • Terminate button: Force terminating instances selected in the list.
Setting Pannel :
  • AccesKey: your AWS acces key.
  • SecretKey : you AWS sevret key.
  • AWSRegsion : region where instance are running.
  • Save : Save new setting.
  • Discard : Discard current modification.
    (Double click to edit value).
On max time reached Panel:
  • Radio button “Stop instance” : On max time reached perform a stop instance.
  • Radio button “Terminate instance” : On max time reached perform a Terminate instance.
  • AUTO UPDATE (checked by default): Each 15secondes a refresh is done, Auto update is essential for Ec2Clock is fully functional.
  • Specify max running tim(min) : Specify the max running time for the selected instances in the list.
  • Assign button: Assign the max running time for the selected instances in the list.
  • Unzip in the folder of your choise.
  • Start Ec2Clock.exe.



Ec2Clock is a freeware, but you have to provide some information before downloading files.





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